"I had the distinct pleasure of shooting 3 beautiful ladies last night for the deliciously talented Kristina Frank. This girl has a way with make-up….I was shocked at not only the gorgeous faces she selected for the shoot but by her skills with a make-up brush!
In my profession you come across a lot of people in the make-up and hair industry. Some are good. Some are so-so and then some come along that just blow you away. I can honestly say that Kristina blew me away!!!"

Amber Strickler ~ Zasey's Photography

"I had Kristina do my makeup for my maternity pictures and the pictures came out perfect because of it. I also took one of her classes that teaches on how to apply makeup properly, and I have now changed my whole makeup routine!”

Victoria Figueroa

"I met Kristina while having my makeup done at my friend's wedding. She did such an amazing job that I had to have her do mine and all my bridesmaids makeup for my wedding also! I've never met anyone who can do makeup like she can. I usually don't wear a lot of makeup, and was kind of nervous to have someone do it for the wedding as I wanted to look somewhat natural. She took the time to do a trial run before the wedding and really listened to what I wanted and the look I was going for. I loved the look from the trial run, but the day of the wedding I decided I wanted to do something a little different and go for a more vintage look, Kristina was so sweet and didn't mind that I had changed my mind. She seemed excited to do whatever would make my big day perfect. Everyone I know that has had their makeup done by her loves her work. Not only is she an amazing makeup artist, but she is super sweet too and makes you feel totally comfortable like she's known you for years! I still continue to ask her advice on anything makeup and would definitely recommend her for any event or occasion!!!"

Kelly Brannen
"I have had the pleasure of using Kristina Frank Makeup-up Artistry on many occasions. Not only is she an amazing makeup artist she has a fantastic attitude! She has an uplifting spirit that makes you want to smile! This is a person who is not only good at what she does but you can tell she LOVES what she does also! Thank you for your great work! "

Kristina Frank Makeup Artistry
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